ARMA 3 Tips: 5 Ways To Improve Your Skills

ARMA 3 LogoIf you’re looking to improve your ARMA 3 skills there are a number of ways you can improve with just a few adjustments to your playing style.

My Top 5 Tips For ARMA 3 List

These 5 tips will be useful for any player that is looking to get the upper hand on other players.

1. Practice with friends on a private server

The first way to greatly improve your skills in ARMA3 is to play with experienced friends.

Asking your friends for inside knowledge of the game and personal tips is a sure fire way of quickly gaining more experience of the game without reading through long winded guides or watching YouTube videos.

ARMA 3 on YouTube

They can show you around the different types of maps and game modes to help you better understand what the game has to offer you.

If you have a private server this is a perfect way to practise the game without the risk of getting killed by other players meaning you can fully grasp the concept at your own pace.

If you let your friends know about your server or promote it on specific ARMA 3 community websites and let people know you are looking to play with others to enhance your skills this will enable you to find new players as well to play with on your server in the future.

2. Complete the campaign

The best way to learn about the game is to start with the in-game campaign. The campaign will teach you everything a new player needs to know in order to excel online.

ARMA 3 Campaign Screenshot

The overall campaign will last no more than 12 hours on average and will train you through various missions and skirmishes.

Missions will teach you how to use the controls, an overview of map types and will promote the use of resources and how to correctly aim with weapons.

The campaign will be challenging when you start but is imperative for your success in future endeavours.

ARMA 3 is a complex game with a vast amount of areas to learn about but these are all covered within the campaign making it a first time player’s best tool to start with!

3. Improve at the shooting range

There are various shooting ranges that you can download on the Steam Workshop, which can then be added to your ARMA3 server.

The shooting range is a great place to concentrate fully on learning how to shoot each weapon efficiently.

ARMA 3 Shooting Range

Each weapon handles differently within the game so it’s recommended to have some experience with each weapon that you will come in contact with.

Most shooting ranges will show you the various weapons you will be using once the action starts.

4. Play King of the Hill

ARMA 3 King of the Hill LogoI would highly recommend playing on a King of the Hill server if you want to test your skills and train against other players online.

This is because the game mode is an average of 2 hours long and when you die you will re-spawn each time. Making King of the Hill matches a great way of gaining training experience as you won’t have to wait long to re-spawn back into the game or be constantly sat in game lobbies and load screens which can be frustrating.

In order to capture the assigned “hill” you and your team will need to work together.

King of the Hill encourages teamwork and will strengthen your own team based skills.

You can also learn from your teammates as you play alongside picking up tips and tricks that you previously may not have learnt.

5. Put in the hours

If you have the free time and can put in the hours it really is worth playing ARMA3 as much as possible to improve your skills as a player.

You will see a drastic improvement especially having a daily training regime. The more effort and time you put in the more you will get out of it in player experience.

If you play on different ARMA 3 servers and maps it will keep it fresh and exciting.

You could of course set up your own ARMA 3 server using my guide on choosing a provider that is right for you.


The more you play the better you will get in all areas of ARMA3. It really does pay to practice, practice, practice.

If you are new to the game I would recommend participating in the campaign and taking tips when playing alongside your friends or other players.

If you are wanting a challenge however then I would go to the King of the Hill servers as this will give you the most play time.