Top 6 ARMA 3 Mods 2020

ARMA 3 LogoThe ARMA franchise has been the best army/war simulator for the best part of 20 years. It’s no surprise that all of the games have had such a big following of modders that have tried to put their own spin on the game.

There are new maps, game modes and even spin offs of other popular titles that you can download and add to your server.

My Top 6 ARMA Mods

If you’re looking for something new for you and your friends to play, check out my Top 6 ARMA 3 Mods of 2020 below.

1. Battle Royale (Player Unknown style)

Some players may not realise this but Players Unknown Battle Ground started as an ARMA 3 mod. It became hugely popular after it’s initial release and ended up becoming its own solo game.


It later inspired popular games such as Fortnite which is now the biggest Battle Royale style game in the world.

If ARMA 3 and its community of modders were not around we may have never seen games of this genre on the market.

Obviously you could just choose to play one of the stand alone games but this mod is still fantastic and it’s nice playing the original title.

2. Turkish Guitar

While this may not seem like an essential mod to add to your game, I have included it as a nice little one off mention. ARMA 3 can be rather full on and cause a lot of tension between players, so always think it’s a funny little gimmick to bring out a guitar when you and your squad have a spare five minutes round the campfire.

ARMA 3 Turkish Guitar

There are lots of different instruments that you can add including a classic guitar.

If you and your friends want to stop for a quick musical number it’s always hilarious to see a few squad mates breaking out a tune.

Check out the steam store for more musical instruments, there are loads of them.

3. ACE3

If you want ARMA 3 to run a lot smoother “ACE3” is the best mod you can download.


The mod overhauls most of the features with ARMA 3 and makes the UI a lot more player friendly.

It will improve the overall performance of the game, smoothing out any of the glitches that are often seen in the 3D models.

This mod should be installed by all players and takes the player experience to a whole new level.

4. Tumbleweed Mod

If you’re looking for a mod that is completely wacky and offers you something new it’s worth checking out the Tumbleweed mod.

This mod recreates the game Katamari in the ARMA 3 universe. If you’re unfamiliar with the game you essentially start as a small ball and you have to roll around the map collecting items and parts of the environment to increase the overall size of the ball.

ARMA 3 Tumbleweed Mod

As you get bigger you can suck up bigger items like cars, AI players and even buildings.

The mod is silly but somewhat pleasurable to play. If you played the original Katamari this is worth a quick play.

5. Aftermath

It’s been a long time since a new Fallout game has come out and many players eagerly await the next installment. However if you have ARMA 3 you can install the “Aftermath” mod that will replicate the fallout universe.

ARMA 3 Aftermath Mod

Players can create their own vaults and join a faction. There are of course other factions that you can ally with or fight against but it’s all down to your personal preference.

What’s even more impressive is that fact that you can play this adventure either solo or coop.

For a free mod this is very impressive and the amount of work and detail that has been achieved in this mod is outstanding.

6. Metal Gear Solid 1

Have you always wanted to experience an MGS1 remake in 2020? With so many remakes and remasters coming out this year it’s surprising that a HD release hasn’t been made of the original Metal Gear Solid.

ARMA 3 Metal Gear Solid Mod

The creator of the MGS for ARMA 3 mod set out to recreate the classic PS1 game and has captured many of the original features beautifully.

Though this mod plays differently due to the nature of ARMA 3 the single player adventure is fantastic.

I have really enjoyed playing this mod however some players have complained that the mod lacks the “sneaky” aspects of the original MGS.

I will admit that the cover system isn’t as in depth and the enemy AI can be rather uncharacteristic but this is definitely a mod all MSG fans should try.


This list is just a couple of my favorite mods that I have used in 2020.

There are loads of mods to try and the Steam Community continually adds more on a weekly basis. ARMA 3 still has a very lively and active community and it’s great to see more new players getting into the game this year.

If you want to try any of the mods I have listed you will need to subscribe to them on the Steam Workshop and add them to your server.

If you haven’t already got a server yet and are interested in setting one up check out my “How to choose an ARMA 3 Hosting Provider” article.